2014-12-24 Bergmann89* added HasOpenGLSupport to FormatDescriptor to check...
2014-12-24 Bergmann89* split TglBitmap into TglBitmap and TglBitmapData...
2014-12-23 Bergmann89* moved configuration to seperate inc file
2014-12-21 Bergmann89* removed native OpenGL support
2014-12-21 Bergmann89* added documentation (in-code and pasdoc generated)
2014-12-16 Bergmann89* added OpenGL ES support
2014-12-10 Bergmann89* fixed some Delphi7 errors
2014-12-09 Bergmann89* implemented RAW file format
2014-12-09 Bergmann89* refactored format descriptors
2014-12-09 Bergmann89* renamed formats
2014-12-06 Bergmann89* fixed some format issues
2014-09-21 Bergmann89* added function to get FormatDescriptor from internal...
2014-05-04 Bergmann89* fixed bug in FlipHorz and FlipVert
2014-05-03 Bergmann89* fixed some compiler hints in delphi 7 v3.0.1
2014-05-03 Bergmann89* removed duplicated unit usage
2014-05-03 Bergmann89* Format: implemented HasRed, HasGreen and HasBlue
2014-02-09 Bergmann89* load JPEG direct over TLazIntfImage and TReadJPEG...
2014-02-06 Bergmann89* load PNG direct over TLazIntfImage and TLazReaderPNG...
2014-02-02 Bergmann89* fixed MemLeak in AssignFromLazIntfImage
2013-12-21 Bergmann89* pass TextureData as Argument in Constructor
2013-11-29 Bergmann89* public constructor for EglBitmapUnsupportedFormat... v3.0.0
2013-11-29 Bergmann89* some fixes to support Delphi (thanks at Jens01)
2013-11-24 Bergmann89* free lib handles on finalization
2013-11-24 Bergmann89* fixed Bug in Lazarus PNG/JPEG export: swapped red...
2013-11-23 Bergmann89* Delphi XE5 fixes
2013-11-21 Bergmann89* JPEG and PNG support with Lazarus Graphics unit
2013-11-21 Bergmann89* moved parts from TFormatDescriptor to public abstract...
2013-11-19 Bergmann89* added Swizzle Support
2013-11-19 Bergmann89* implemented CubeMaps
2013-11-19 Bergmann89* implemented TglBitmap1D
2013-11-17 Bergmann89* added Delphi Support
2013-11-17 Bergmann89* added LazIntfImage Support
2013-11-16 Bergmann89* added pngimage Support
2013-11-16 Bergmann89* added LibJPEG Support
2013-11-16 Bergmann89* added LibPNG Support
2013-11-16 Bergmann89* added SDL support
2013-11-16 Bergmann89* fixed Compiler Warnings and Hints
2013-11-16 Bergmann89* native OpenGL Support (dynamic or static linked)
2013-11-12 Bergmann89* Bitfield support for LoadDDS
2013-11-10 Bergmann89* refactored LoadDDS
2013-11-10 Bergmann89* refactored LoadTGA
2013-11-03 Bergmann89* SaveBMP for all supported formats
2013-11-02 Bergmann89* refactored FormatDescriptors (again)
2013-11-02 Bergmann89* refactored FormatDescriptor
2013-10-28 Bergmann89* refactoring nearly completed; now testing
2013-10-24 Bergmann89* refactored FormatDescriptors
2013-10-22 Bergmann89* started refactoring (interface part, mapping functions)
2013-10-22 Bergmann89* fixed bug: buffer overflow when exporting TGA files
2013-10-22 Bergmann89* initial Commit